Clare has also been going to the island regularly and has a deep love for the landscape, and the peace that she experiences when there. For over 20 years she has worked in the not for profit sector working on sustainability issues with an expertise in food systems change. Naturally she will be responsible for ensuring that food on the retreats is both delicious and sustainable!   Clare is also passionate about facilitating personal and social change through self-exploration and creativity.


We are a niece and aunty duo!  We are both passionate about sustainability and social change, recognising that in order to make the world a better place, we also have to be prepared to improve ourselves!  We believe that art, creativity and spending time in nature and wilderness away from the pressures of normal live, are catalysts for change.  Eilean Shona is the perfect place to do this, and we want to share it with others who feel the same.

Florence's parents have been the guardians of the island since 1995, so she has been lucky enough to spend all her holidays on the island. Eilean Shona is very important part of her life, giving her a love and understanding of nature and the wilderness. She is a practicing artist, astrologer and curator - disciplines that weave together her interest in environmental philosophy and the cycles of nature. Florence knows the island inside out and will take you on walks, tell you the stories of the island and is getting pretty good on tree identification!